Fr. Andreas

Acedia: The Two-Faced Demon

This article is originally written by Fr. Jeremy McKemy. Most of us struggle with “acedia” without knowing it. This sinful passion quietly contributes to both spiritual and mental unwellness. There are two opposite ways in which it acts, either through activity or inactivity. That is, either through vain, restless movement or slothfulness and sadness. What Is Acedia? The […]

20th All American Council (AAC)

Dn. Paisios, Matushka Theodora and myself just returned from the 20th All American Council (AAC) in Baltimore, MD. The AAC is a gathering of all rectors, assigned clergy and lay delegates from around the OCA, and takes place every three years.  It was a joyful and productive time where many issues regarding our Church, current […]

Raised $300,000 for Site Work!

I am pleased to announce we have reached our goal of raising $300,000 for our Site Work project on the Church property! In anticipation of reaching this milestone, Father Andreas, Tryphon and I met with our architects and engineer in March of this year with the primary question of “What’s next?” We had a fruitful […]

COVID-19 Update (July 14, 2021)

As of June 30, 2021, the Oregon State authorities has lifted all remaining COVID-19 restrictions issued under emergency statutes. This means that our liturgical life in the parish has returned to most of our normal practices. We typically have two Liturgies every week: one weekday Liturgy at 8.00 am, and the normal Sunday Liturgy at 9.00 […]

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