Exciting Construction Update!

We are roughly at the mid-point of phase one of our sitework project.  

There is a slight delay in the storm drain installation pending a plumbing permit. Landscaping for drainage swales will be planted around November 15th. Our well shed is 90% complete with electricity to be hooked up this week. A well pump is scheduled for installation October 10th.

Our fence staining was delayed by high temperatures and smoke. We will work around forecasted rain and plan on completion by mid October.

Phase One Sitework:

  • Put in permanent driveway with required asphalt apron. Driveway entrance will be moved towards the north side of our property, away from I-5.
  • Put in parking lots (without curbs or required landscaping for now).
  • Put in east-west drive along planned swale from temple area to cemetery.
  • Underground drainage of upper parking lot to lower portion of swale.
  • Put in required detention pond and lower portion of swale.
  • Put in erosion and sediment control elements for construction- fence, straw seed.
  • Put in underground irrigation sleeves.

And just as a reminder, we are currently raising $42K for the building pad where the new church will be constructed! Glory to God, and thank you for your generous donation.

In Christ,
Reader Brendan O’Neill
Senior Warden, Parish Council

The new driveway.
Sitework outlined in yellow.

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