Raised $300,000 for Site Work!

I am pleased to announce we have reached our goal of raising $300,000 for our Site Work project on the Church property!

In anticipation of reaching this milestone, Father Andreas, Tryphon and I met with our architects and engineer in March of this year with the primary question of “What’s next?” We had a fruitful meeting going through a number of details. They said it is time for us to find a contractor to do the site work.

In April we sought bids from three contractors. Two responded and one declined to submit a bid. This was brought to a Parish Council meeting, where it was decided unanimously to select Ledford Construction as our contractor for the project. Ledford Construction has a good working history with both our architects and engineer.

Ledford Construction looked at our plans and gave us an initial bid of approximately $435,000 to do everything in our original Site Work Project list (as you know, prices have increased the last few years!). We explained we have only $300,000 to spend at this time. Ledford Construction reworked the bid down to $300,000.

Listed below is what will be done on the Church Property:

  • Put in permanent driveway with required asphalt apron. Driveway entrance will be moved towards the north side of our property, away from I-5.
  • Put in parking lots (without curbs or required landscaping for now)
  • Put in east-west drive along planned swale from temple area to cemetery
  • Underground drainage of upper parking lot to lower portion of swale.
  • Put in required detention pond and lower portion of swale
  • Put in erosion and sediment control elements for construction- fence, straw seed
  • Put in underground irrigation sleeves

The project is expected to take approximately 6 weeks. Ledford Construction is looking to start the project mid- July.

This is exciting news for Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, as we move closer to realizing the building of our temple on our property! Many thank you’s to all who have given and continue to give to our Building Fund. In the coming months, we will look at revised cost estimates for our Building Project and share them as we continue to raise funds to build our temple.

Glory to God for all things!

In Christ,
Reader Brendan
Senior Warden, Parish Council
Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church

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