Building Project and Property Update (October 2019)

This past year has been a busy one. In January, we identified the next two major projects and estimated costs: Sewer Extension Project at $40,000 and Sitework Project at $300,000. Additionally, we also identified two smaller projects to satisfy requirements set by Talent Irrigation District and Jackson County.

In order to maintain our water rights, we needed to start irrigating this year. Parish Council approved funding out of the Building fund to contract with Valley View Nursery to plant 5 trees on the north side and 5 trees on the west side of the cemetery boundary and to put in an irrigation system. They completed this project in July and we have maintained our water rights with Talent Irrigation District.

To satisfy requirements set by Jackson County, we needed to put a fence on our north and south sides of our property. A fence was put up on the west side 1 year ago by out west neighbors. The Parish raised $30,000 during Great Lent and the fence was completed in June. We plan to stain the fence in Spring of 2020.

In March of this year, we learned our cemetery could only be used upon the completion of our Temple building project. This ruling was set forth by the hearing officer in August of 2018, and was not a condition prior to that.

Our current Temple permit calls for commencing development of the Temple property by the November of 2020. Our Sewer Extension project will satisfy this requirement. The Parish has already raised the $40,000 for the Sewer Extension Project. We have asked for bids and are awaiting proposals. We hope to complete this project by Spring of 2020.
The permit for our cemetery with one extension expires in summer of 2024.

In April of this year, we completed our Design Development phase of the Temple Building Project. Jackson County provided us with a case study outlining the remaining items needing completion to move our project from the Jackson County Planning Department to the Jackson County Building Department. At this time, we have met all requirements except for one. We have turned paperwork for our RVSS permit and are waiting for their approval.

In June of this year, we established an estimate of upcoming permit fees related to the Temple Building Project. Currently, we are repainting and raising our “Future Home” sign, pulling weeds around our newly planted trees and draining our irrigation system as the watering season has ended.

This past year, the parish raised $70,000 for our Fence and Sewer Extension Projects in 8 months! The next fundraiser will be for $300,000 for our Sitework Project!


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