Building Committee Formed

By Tryphon McKeehan

On March 5, 2015 we began the next phase of our Temple project with the first meeting of a new group of members, continuing the foundational work of the first Building Group. Three of the four members are new to the project so the emphasis of the meeting of course was acquainting everyone with the vision, where we’ve been and how we proceed from here.

frescoOur current task as we begin to work together is to establish a list of requirements for the Temple design, to meet with the architect and provide input at this important “Schematic Design” phase of the project. This phase determines in a large way the essential design criteria. The outcome of this process will provide sufficient detail to make a serious estimate of the cost of this part the project – the Temple! This is the phase where we want to make revisions, working out anything we see as not quite what we desire so as to make the cost estimate reflect as closely as possible what we will build. This is where we determine what design elements are “Negotiable” and what are “Non-negotiable”, our desire is to be good and faithful stewards; to bring our “first and finest” effort before the Lord.

Our efforts result in bringing details before Fr. Andreas and the Parish Council for evaluation and decision making. Parishioners are encouraged to inquire of, and contribute their understanding to those in the Building Committee, as we refine how we work together to meld our various perspectives and to work together to the Glory of God!

The new building committee currently consist of Tryphon (Rodger) McKeehan, Gregory (Ralph) Spangler, Seraphim Torruella and Mat. Theodora Blom.

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