Building Committee discusses Design with Local Architects


This morning Fr. Andreas and Mat. Theodora, Seraphim and myself met with Ray Kistler, architect and Tom Lamore of his staff. The meeting was lengthy but very informative. We are about 1/3 the way through Schematic Design which will result in providing cost estimators the necessary details for their work. We have, however, been given the opportunity to slow the pace a bit. Since we are just beginning the work to move from the Newman Center, keeping up the anticipated pace is not possible. Ray said that it is fine, that he’ll move to some other work after making some changes we discussed. This was our first opportunity to review several major aspects of the temple overall construction.

Drawings were presented showing the bird’s eye view with dome area, cruciform shape, and placement of inside details and outside elevations describing exterior design elements.

Dome details were discussed at some length and remain unsettled as more information is gathered

We discussed overall proportions and the relative impact a county height limit (35’) presents (Archangel Gabriel outside Ashland will be 8’-10’ lower in height than Holy Theophany in Colorado Springs).

Basic construction of the building was discussed and fine-tuned to what seemed acceptable to everyone.

The desire for an exo-narthex, barrel-vaulted ceilings and maximizing all interior surfaces for iconography was expressed and seems to be easily incorporated.

The use of a “negotiated” or “competitive-bid” general contractor for construction was discussed along with the timing of the involvement of the contractor.

Tryphon Rodger McKeehan

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