The Orthodox Church – the True Church?


  • Dear Fr. Andreas,


    If someone were to have been sitting with Jesus when he was alive, and if Jesus were to have shown that person, in vision, the true church of the 21st century, I do not believe that person seeing the vision would see only the Orthodox Church and nothing else; which would have to be the case if the Orthodox Church is, in fact, the true church.

    The Church is His called out ones, His chosen, His faithful, His body. This would show itself (in the vision for that person sitting next to Him) collectively in a gathering of souls from all over the world, many of whom would have no idea who or what the Orthodox Church is.

    The Orthodox Church may be hold more faithfully the traditions passed down from ancient ages, but to say that that therefore constitutes the true church is to step too far. Additionally, though I have a Protestant background, the essential tenants of the faith I hold are the same as yours; more broadly than the typical Protestant believes (e.g., the typical definition of salvation) but not as confined—not meant at all in a disparaging way—as the average Orthodox person believes. And so, if I worship with like-minded people (and even a few not so like-minded!), that gathering is, thus, part of the true church and would most certainly be seen in that person’s vision of the true church.

    I can go so far as to concede the Orthodox Church as the “true” church if by that we mean that body of believers who have held most faithfully to the traditions handed down. But any more narrow of a meaning than that is, as I said, to step too far.

    At any rate, I wish there were an Orthodox Church here in Klamath Falls. I would love to attend (and, I believe, plant my heart) there. As it stands, such is not the case. Perhaps one day, though.


    Keith R. Starkey

    • Pardon the grammatical and syntax errors – proofreading: not my strong suit! I hope the content was still understandable, with no offence meant in any way. Thanks again. Keith R. Starkey


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