Resignation of His Beatitude Met. JONAH

Dear faithful in Christ,

You may have heard the news that His Beatitude Metropolitan JONAH tendered his resignation on Friday, July 6th. I would encourage you to avoid any gossip, Internet rumors, and personal speculations at this point. Rather remember His Beatitude and the Holy Synod of the OCA in your prayers.

Also, be aware that this does not affect us or our parish life directly, as we are under the omophorion of Archbishop BENJAMIN. Our services, our prayers and our community life will continue as it has been, by the Grace of God.

In Christ,
Fr. Andreas

“We pray Thee, O Lord and Master, look down with mercy upon thy Holy Church; do Thou strengthen, establish, and increase Her, and evermore defend her against the wiles of Her enemies. Do Thou cast down all dissension, schism, heresy, apostasy, and unbelief, and spread abroad in our land and in every place piety, devotion, and zeal for the Holy Orthodox faith; illumine those in darkness and turmoil, and those enslaved to gossip, ill-wishes and division, and soften the hardness of their hearts that they may come to repentance. Help them and us to live holy and blameless lives, and root the saving Faith firmly and make it bear fruit in our hearts; through the prayers of Thy Most Pure Mother and of all the Saints. Amen.”

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