Property Mowing and Clean-up

Thomas, Van, Innocent, Matthew, Raphaela and Tryphon enjoyed a productive day on our property on Saturday, May 28. Thomas rented a tractor with cutting apparatus and we all pitched in with good effort to make the parish’s property cleaner. We can see an end in sight for cleaning up the hidden rock piles, holes, fencing and fencing wire. Jacob of Southern Oregon Field Mowing cleared much of the tall grass and weeds in the upper section on Friday.

With a couple of good clean-up days this year with weed-wackers, chain saws, burn piles, and heavy-duty labor, we should be able to finally make the property presentable and manageable.

We took several photographs, unfortunately many of which did not make the grade. The three attached show most of our effort. We were unable to capture in focus the “really serious” work of Matthew the Rock Star! You can see a little bit of the result of his labor in the rock-pile picture.





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