Parish Bulletin – December 2, 2012




Ephesians 5:9-19
Luke 18:18-27

Choir Director: Veronika



We welcome you to the Orthodox Church. Please feel at ease and free to participate in the singing. As a visitor you are welcome to come forward at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy and venerate the Cross offered by the priest. Additionally you may receive the blessed bread (Antidoron) that is offered at that time. If you have questions or would like further information, the priest or one of the members of the parish will be pleased to help.

A word to our visitors on Holy Communion

The Orthodox Church does not practice open Communion. Therefore, only members of Canonical Orthodox Churches exercising jurisdiction in America may approach the Chalice for Holy Communion. The Orthodox do not regard Holy Communion solely as an act of personal piety, but also as an expression of union with the Orthodox Church’s faith, doctrine, and discipline. Orthodox visitors wishing to receive Holy Communion should make their intention known to the priest in advance — ask any member of the parish for help in relaying your intention to the priest. Orthodox Christians should prepare themselves to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion through recent Confession, prayers of preparation for Holy Communion, and fasting (at minimum, from midnight before receiving).

“Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in a an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord.” – I Corinthians 11:27



Troparion to the Holy Prophet – Tone 2

Celebrating the memory of Thy Prophet Habbakuk, O Lord, through him we beseech Thee: Save Thou our souls!

Kontakion to the Holy Prophet – Tone 8

O divinely eloquent Habbakuk who announced to the world God’s coming forth from the south, from the Virgin, and who, standing on divine watch, didst receive a report from the radiant angel: thou hast proclaimed the resurrection of Christ to the world. Wherefore, in gladness we cry out to thee: Rejoice, O splendid adornment of the prophets!


Opportunities to give:

➢ Food donations to the Ashland Food Project

➢ It is time for “Toys for Tots.” See Stavroula if you have any questions!

➢ Our Nativity drive for Jackson Fuel is going on. Please state clearly on the check or envelope if you want to contribute!


  • Please sign up for coffee fellowship/kitchen cleanup.
  • Choir practice on Saturday, 3.00 pm.
  • Please be aware that children downstairs need to be monitored and cleaned up after.
  • St. Nicholas celebration will be on the Eve of St. Nicholas (Dec 5th), following an earlier Vespers (which will be held at 5.00 pm.) Bring a desert to share!
  • The Nativity Fast is going on. For your own spiritual benefit, and for the glory of God, please observe it to the best of your ability!


Service Schedule this Week:

Wednesday – 5.00 pm, Great Vespers; 6.00 pm, Saint Nicholas Celebration

Thursday – 6.40 am, Hours, Divine Liturgy

Saturday – 6.00 pm, Great Vespers

Sunday – 8.40 am, Hours, Divine Liturgy


Confession after Vespers or by appointment!


Other Activities Next Week:

  • Saturday, 3.00 PM – Choir practice at the Bloms’



Monday, December 24, 2012

8.00 am – Royal Hours, Typika, Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great

5.00 pm – Holy Supper (our last common supper of the Nativity Fast)

6.30 pm – Nativity Vigil


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

9.00 am – Divine Liturgy (the Nativity of our Lord)



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