Nov 6, 2020: Update on Building Project

We are slowly but surely making strides toward the construction of our new church in Ashland, OR! We have completed the sewer extension and lateral line, which was necessary for us to proceed with our project. This will help “establish” our project, and we now officially move from “planning” to “building”!

Unfortunately, the Almeda Fire swept through our property and burned part of our perimeter fence, which we had not even completely finished staining yet! The fire also destroyed the trees we had planted earlier this year – so they will have to be re-planted. Miraculously, our Cross and Holy Icons made it through the fire – as did all the workers equipment parked around the Cross!

The next step of the project will be the earthwork, which involves moving a lot of dirt, adding roads and parking, and preparing the ground for construction. That is a huge project which will really mould the property into what we have been planning! The price tag on that phase is $300,000. We have already raised $165K toward that goal – we have $135K to go!

If you would like to help support the building of our new church, you may send a check to: PO Box 823, Ashland, OR 97540 (make it our to “Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, and write “Building” on the memo line). You may also give electronically here.

The fire made it all the way to the Cross and Icons, then stopped.

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