Nativity and Theophany Services


The Service Schedule for Nativity (Christmas) this year will be as follows:

Tuesday, December 24
8.00 am – Royal Hours, Typika
ca. 9.00 am – Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil
2.00 pm – Holy Baptism
4.00 pm – Holy Supper (our last “Lenten potluck”)
6.00 pm – Nativity Vigil (Compline and Matins)

Wednesday, December 25
9.00 am – Divine Liturgy


The Service Schedule for Theophany this year will be as follows:

Friday, January 3
7.00 am – Royal Hours, Typika

Saturday, January 4
6.00 pm – Great Vespers

Sunday, January 5
9.00 am – Divine Liturgy (there will be NO FOOD following Liturgy this day, as the Eve of Theophany is a strict fast day)
6.00 pm – Theophany Vigil (Compline and Matins)

Monday, January 6
7.00 am – Divine Liturgy (followed by Blessing of Water in church)

After fellowship on Sunday, January 12, we will do the Great Blessing of Water at “the Fairy Ponds” by upper Lithia Park.

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