Matching Grant Announced!

A very generous benefactor has offered to match any gifts toward our building fund, up to $11,600! This will bring us to our targeted goal of $150,000 toward the completion of the Design Development Phase of our building project! If you have been thinking about donating toward the new church building, now is a good time. Every dollar you give will essentially be doubled from now until New Years Day (January 1, 2018)!

If you would like to donate, you can send us a check made out to “Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church,” with “Building Fund” in the memo line. This gift is fully tax-deductible. Sent the check to: Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, PO Box 823, Ashland, OR 97520.

Or, for those who prefer to donate online, you can do so here.

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What is included in the Design Development phase?

Design Development is where the various components of Schematic Design are fully developed; where analyses are made and solutions determined by the architects, engineers and others, producing a final design ready for the writing of specifications and production of construction drawings by the architects.

The cost associated with Design Development are those of the architects in collaboration with others: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineers, consultants and others.

Our current effort, Phase I, of the property development consists of the following components:

1.          Temple
2.          Driveway
3.          Parking Lot
4.          Detached bathroom
5.          Sewer system, on-site and Valley View extension
6.          Water systems
7.          Electrical systems
8.          Building access


Design Development

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