Lenten Giving and Stimulus Checks

As we have not entered into the Lenten spring, we are encouraged by the Church to practice generosity and charity. Several people have come to me and said that they would like to tithe of their stimulus checks (which I think is a beautiful thing to do), and they have asked me what they should give it toward.

While it is up to each and every one to decide for themselves how they are to be good and faithful stewards of what God (yes, God, not the government) has bestowed upon them, I have suggested that they consider donating toward our church building fund.

We have currently raised over $178K toward the total $300K we need in order to develop the land and build roads, parking and prepare the property for construction. It would be wonderful if we could reach that goal this year, and se progress in our desire to build a permanent home for our Orthodox community here in the Ashland area.

If you would like to donate toward the building fund, you can do so here, or by mailing your donation to:

Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church, PO Box 823, Ashland, OR 97520

Blessed Lent!

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