How to be a Child of God


How is it possible to be a child of God? By being free from all passions and showing gentleness to those who offend and wrong us. There is nothing that brings us as near to God and makes us so much like Him as doing these good things.

Therefore, when Paul says, “Be ye followers of God,” he means that they become followers by doing these things. For we need to do all good deeds, but above all we must love others and show gentleness.Since we sin many times each day, we need much of His love ourselves. Therefore, we also need to show much mercy. Much and little aren’t measured by the quantity of things given, but by the givers’ means. And if you don’t have anything but have a compassionate soul, this will prepare a reward for you.So then, let us then be inclined to show mercy and all other blessings will follow.

For those who have a spirit of love and mercy will give money away if they have it. If they see anyone in distress, they will weep. If they encounter people who have been wronged, they will stand up for them. If they see others treated maliciously, they will reach out their hand to them. For those that have a treasure house of blessings, a loving and merciful soul will make it overflow to meet all of their neighbors’ needs. Such people will enjoy all the rewards God has prepared.

– St. John Chrysostom

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