“Burn to Learn”

On May 7th 2015 at 9:00 am our property experienced its first significant improvement! – the burning of the old building by Fire District 5. The fire department graciously agreed to use it for their training needs. The final cleanup “to bare dirt” is scheduled to occur on May 13th. Subsequent to the cleanup we will meet with surveyors to place markers on the ground! We will for the first time be able to visualize the perimeter of the Temple and the holy altar! In addition we’ll mark out the various other details that have been planned: future trapeza, parking lot, garden, orchard, etc. It will be possible from then to visit the property and really “experience the beginning”.

The next chapter in our project will be to gather our entire parish around this effort for God’s people; to fully communicate and experience the opportunity that He has, by His grace, granted to us. May we continue to gather strength and commitment to what He has laid before us – and may we be up to the challenge!



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