Building Project Update – May 2019

Christ is risen!

It is time to give a brief update on where we are at with our current building project. We are grateful and excited that we are moving forward little by little, and when we look back we are surprised with how far we have gotten. A few highlights:

  • We have our (almost) 7 acre property secured and paid off, due to a very generous donation.
  • We have completed the long process of Design Development with architects and engineers, and the construction documents (blueprints) are now being completed.
  • We have received final approval form the county for our cemetery next to the church. It will be named “Holy Dormition Cemetery” and we will be able to use it as soon as the church is built.
  • We have raised a total of over $600K for the project so far! Most of it has already been used for property purchase, architectural planning and property development. We still have a long way to go!
  • We are now starting to actually work on the property. A perimeter fence is going up in the next couple of weeks!

After the fence is up we will begin with some landscaping, planting trees and bushes, and installing irrigation lines. After that we will begin extending the sewer lines onto the property, and work on the entry driveway. Little by little the project is moving along, but we still need to secure around $2M for the actual construction. Part of that will likely be a loan, but we still need a lot more before we can approach a lender.

Any contributions are helpful and very welcome!

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