$42K Raised for Building Pad for New Orthodox Church!

The building project of our new church has gained tremendous momentum the last few months! We have been able to complete several projects on the property that had to be done before we can begin construction of the temple, or move onto the property in any fashion.


☑ Connect power to our property and our well ($5765.00)
☑ Build a well house ($5000.00)
☑ Install new well pump ($4235.00)
☑ Headlight Barrier Fence ($6,000.00)
☑ Temple Building Pad ($42,000.00)

Total needed:$63,000

We have already raised the full $63,000 toward these projects! Thank you all who have given so generously!

Our next project to be funded is UTILITY INSTALLATION. The price tag for this is $11,595, and we have currently raised $2,857. 

We know now what we need to complete in order for us to occupy any kind of structure on the church property, and our priority is to check all of these items off the list! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for continuing to give toward our church building fund!

☐ Utility installation, trenching, sewer lines to bathrooms ($11,595)
☐ Electrical power and lighting trenching and conduit ($26,250)
☐ Concrete curbs, gutters for all parking areas ($68,052)
☐ Surveying for placement of property lighting (Pricing TBD)
☐ Light poles and lights (Pricing TBD)
☐ Landscaping, swale, parking lot islands ($70,000)
☐ Contract landscape architect to complete landscape architectural plans  (Pricing TBD)

If you would like to come along us in our project to build an Orthodox church in Ashland, Oregon – please feel free to donate or contact us!

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