“The Grammar of Faith” by Fr. Stephen Freeman



On February 10, 2016 we had a wonderful evening with Archpriest Stephen and Mat. Elizabeth Freeman from St. Anne’s Orthodox Church in Oak Ridge, TN. Fr. Stephen spoke on the important of understanding the “grammar” (the underlying ethos and tradition) of the Orthodox Christian faith. The entire talk is available below, alongside the Q&A after the presentation.

The Grammar of Faith


Questions & Answers

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  • both my wife and i are catechumens in an orthodox church, and also we are singing in their small choir. father andreas’s talk and the following q & a are one of the most helpful things that God has sent our way as we prepare to be chrismated on the saturday before pascha. many of the “unverbalized” questions we have had along the way were answered in this talk and q & a. particularly significant were:
    * that the best way to learn orthodoxy is to be a choir member. we are learning as much or more as choir members than we learn in the catachumenate classes.
    * confess to your priest something that will make him feel bad about you.
    * be prepared to take on some shame
    * everything in orthodoxy is about pascha
    charles beck, ojo caliente, NM


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